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No known issues – last updated 09/01/2016

Next scheduled maintenance – 09/07/2016 11:00am-1:00pm EST



No known issues – last updated 06/14/2016

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Service Notes

IMPORTANT – CVHIE is not responsible for unsent messages. By design, the PHRP does not access or store any messages. Please configure your interface to accept ACKs and NACKs and other connection errors. Be prepared to queue and resend unsent messages in the event connectivity is interrupted.

Some known causes for loss in connectivity and failure to submit messages successfully on the sender side include:

  • * Some less-than-current versions of  OpenSSL software on the interface engines will result in certificate issues where the SSL handshake cannot be completed – this occurs without warning and will result in messages not being sent.
  • * Software issues where special characters or spaces are inserted in front of the  MSH segment in the body of the hl7 messages causing a NACK and this errror to be returned: (N)ACK ‘HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error’ : Exception: com.medfx.common.exception.InterchangeException: Timed out while processing web services request. This issue has been resolved by turning off the HL7 message outbound framing protocol.
  • * Software issues where the custom headers (OID, Transaction ID, and PHRS Type) are suddenly not sent with the hl7 message