EDCC Program Information

ConnectVirginia Master Portal Agreement – Please review and sign this agreement with the addendum for Encounter Alerts Messaging Portal and return to support@connectvirginia.org.

ConnectVirginia Encounter Alerts Enrollment Workbook – Fill this workbook out to set up your Encounter Alerts portal account(s) and return to support@connectvirginia.org. A representative will be in contact with you to ensure your account(s) are set up appropriately.

ConnectVirginia Encounter Alerts Patient Panel Specifications – This guide details how to complete your Patient List(s) prior to submitting them for daily Encounter Reports.

For Technical Support for Encounter Alerts, please contact us at ProductionSupport@ConnectVirginia.org  or call 804-565-8128

Public Health Reporting Pathway

All entities wishing to set up transport for public health reporting must first register for Meaningful Use reporting with the Virginia Department of Health. Information can be found on VDH’s Meaningful Use page.

ConnectVirginia Public Health Reporting Pathway Agreement – Must be signed and returned to support@connectvirginia.org

ConnectVirginia Public Health Reporting Pathway Onboarding Guide for Practices – Onboarding guide detailing the two transport options available – HTTPS and SFTP.

General questions  about ConnectVirginia’s Public Health Reporting Pathway service,  completed Public Health Reporting Pathway Agreements and technical support questions regarding connectivity or message transport can be sent to support@connectvirginia.org. Forms can also be faxed to 804.665.2497.

Click here for the current operating status of PHRP.

Learn More About Public Health Reporting Pathway Service.


Exchange Information and Documents


EXCHANGE Onboarding Frequently Asked Questions

ConnectVirginia EXCHANGE  Trust Agreement – Updated 10/14

EXCHANGE Application Form and Facilities Spreadsheet Appendix – Updated 3/15

ConnectVirginia Documents and Information

ConnectVirginia’s Policy and Procedure Manual – Updated 06/2016

Memorandum of Understanding ConnectVirginia Bridge Funding  – Updated 11/18/2013

Technical Support -Click here for our Service Status Page.  Contact us during regular business hours (M-F, 9 am – 5 pm EST ) at support@connectvirginia.org.